Field Services

Field Services Division handles field manufacturing, installation and commission of Machinery & Equipment, Plant Piping, Tank Terminals, Steel Structure & Pipe Racks, Heavy Lifts & Rigging, Surface preparation, painting and Insulation projects.

This division is equipped with necessary construction machinery and tools & plants such as:

  • Mobile cranes.
  • Lifting & Shifting Gears.
  • Mobile Power generators.
  • Mobile welding plants and accessories.
  • On-site Pre and Post welds heat treatment (PWHT) arrangement.
  • On-site oxy-fuel cutting machines including Plasma and Semi-Automatic Cutting Machines.
  • Skid mounted machines, such as lathes, boring machines, drilling machine, plates bending rollers, etc..
  • Power tools (Electric/Pneumatic) such as Torque Wrenches, Tube Expanders, Drilling machines, Power Grinders, Power Cutting machines, Power Chipping Chisels, etc.
  • Skid mounted offices and mobile accommodations.
  • Surface preparation and coating equipment.
  • Lifting Beams and other installation, testing and commissioning jigs & fixtures.
  • Communication devices such as satellite phones, mobile phones, webcams and computers.

This Division has successfully completed following major on-site projects.

  • Installation of Pakistan’s only DRI (Direct Reduced Iron Steel Plant) – Technology provider Midrex, Japan/USA.
  • Complete Installation of Ethanol and Anhydrous Alcohol Plants – Technology provider Maguin Interis France.
  • Tank farms and onsite tank fabrication.
  • Complete Installation of Ethanol Plants.
  • Century Paper and Board Mill – Technology provider Daewoo, Korea.
  • Fabrication and Installation of a Cement Line – Technology provider HEFEI, China.
  • Biogas Plant (Digesters, Gas Holders and Clarifiers) – Technology provider Proserpol, France.
  • Tanks Storage Facilities.
  • Construction of Tanks, Piping and Structure for Oil Storage Terminals.
  • Steel Piles welding and Jetty Structure for a Jetty and Oil Terminal – China Harbour.
  • Expansion and B.M.R. Projects for Sugar Mills.
  • Cross-country Pipeline.
  • Complete installation and modernization of Glass furnace – Technology By KTG Engineering, England.
  • Urea Formaldehyde plant.

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