ABS Engineering Corporation (Pvt.) Limited can perform manufacturing and fabrication of all sizes, types, schedules, materials, and configurations of pre-design pipes including bending to create curvatures or bends to virtually any angel depending on the client’s pre-approved design. This process will allow clients to almost fit the piping system into any existing structure without extensive remodeling or demolition.Our Specialty are as:

  • Process and Product piping (high & low pressure.
  • Cross country pipelines for oil, gas and water.
  • Construction, erection, installation,  testing  and  commissioning of fuel loading facilities through  loading arms.
  • Pumping Station for jet fuel, oil, water and other fuel  transfer  facilities.

Interconnecting Plant and Cross-Country Piping

ABS Engineering Corporation (Pvt.) Limited has experience of piping  works  in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel.

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