ABS Engineering Corporation (Pvt.) Limited has two well-equipped workshops for high quality fabrication for all manufacturing divisions of the company.

Specialized team and tools & tackles are available for the shop detailing of fabrication drawings, fabrication, surface preparation & painting, shop fit-up trial assembly and erection of steel structures. Beside capabilities for the fabrication of usual Rolled Sections, ABS Engineering Corporation (Pvt.) Limited is also capable for fabrication of large sized sections by plate fabrication of built-up Sections. For that purpose we have expertise to control the Thermal Distortion of Plate fabricated built-up sections.

We have experience for the fabrication of large size sections by built-up plate fabrication for a Pre-heater Tower of a Cement Plant and Complete Supporting Structure of a Sugar Mill.

Special arrangement of base plates and workspace are available under the overhead crane area, for the trial shop fit-up assembly of Steel Structure.

Welding Inspection Instruments and Gauges

  • Fillet weld measuring gauges
  • Hi-Low measuring gauges
  • Bevel measuring gauges
  • DC / AC Ampere meter (Clamp Type Tester)
  • Digital Thermometers (for PWHT temperature checking)

Pressure / Leak Testing Equipment

  • Pump for pressure testing (upto 20,000 PSI)
  • Pressure gauges (upto 16,000 PSI)
  • Compressor for Pneumatic tests (upto 150 PSI)
  • Pressure / holding and relief valves.

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