To fulfill the versatile machining requirements of rotary machine’s parts, ABS has a few “SPECIAL LARGE SIZE MACHINES” to undertake the heavy and large size machining jobs.

Machining capacity(size ranges)of the special machines are as below:

VERTICAL LATHE ( Ǿ5,000 mm X2,300 mm )

For the turning,Facing and boring a work piece having the following dimensions:

Diameter = ∅4200 mm
Height = 2,200 mm

HORIZONTAL LATHE ( ∅ 1,500 mm x 9,000 mm )

This machine is suitable for the turning and facing of a job having sizes:

Diameter = ∅1,500 mm
Length = 9,000 mm

HORIZONTAL BORING MACHINE ( 14,000 mm x 4,000 mm x 1,500 mm )

The machine is suitable for facing and boring of a job having sizes as:

Travel = 14,000 mm
Height = 4,000 mm
Boring length(Horizontally deep) = 1,500 mm

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